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Learn about or even test drive the hottest recruiting technologies. At SourceCon, expect not only the best of  the best products and services but also the startups and newcomers to the space that may be the competitive edge you have been looking for.

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Growing bigger and faster than ever before, SourceCon is the place to have your products reviewed and tested by the best sourcers and recruiters in the business. These professionals are your users! Technology is changing fast and they know it, so bring your a game and show them how you can help.

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As you know, sourcing is evolving as fast as data becomes available. Technology, the Internet and social networks provide greater access to people and information while also bringing new complexities and challenges to sourcing and recruiting. This will be a valuable opportunity to help sourcers and recruiters understand and use the data quickly and efficiently. If you have the tools or services to help attract and/or find highly targeted= candidates then you need to be at SourceCon this year with the rapidly growing sourcing community. In the spirit of that which is SourceCon, come ready to share and help attendees simplify the process so they can focus on getting the job done.

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“SourceCon has consistently given Hiretual 6X returns on ROI and so much more in terms of relationships and friendships that we were able to build as a result of being part of the SourceCon community. If you are thinking of sponsoring, don’t hesitate.”

Ninh Tran, COO and Co-founder, Hiretual